About US


Hello Quality (Pty) Ltd is a family-owned company situated in Cape Town, South Africa. HQ has grown organically over the years culminating from just a shoe trader to a low intensity made to order manufacturer.

We have grown by listening and learning from our customers. We can safely say without any shed of doubt, word of mouth has been our biggest anchor & our customers have been our biggest mentors. This has become a guiding principle embedded in our company culture.

Hello Quality, as the name suggests is a company built out of a great passion for quality products, quality service and most importantly quality after-sales service. We pride ourselves as pioneers of made-to-measure horse riding boots in South Africa and the greater African region.

We strive to serve our customers with integrity and passion, offering only the best quality service while exceeding customer expectations. - Our made to measure offering is tied to an impeccable service on repairs and alterations as it is a great need within the equestrian community and communities alike.

The Genesis

After so many imported and unproperly fitting riding boots, we were frustrated for our customers as we could not offer what they needed, seeing and understanding that we are all made differently and that not every boot will fit the same, ready-made boots were a challenge and still pose a challenge to date when it comes to a proper fit. We all differ in calf sizes, foot width and high instep requirements.


We figured there should be a better way, we needed to make boots to fit each person, catering for all their needs from fit to design. We went on the drawing board and worked on the concept of making our first set of riding boots. It took months of trial and error; a lot of lessons and a few sleepless nights, but in the end, it was all worth it.


In August 2017, together with a small team, we produced our first set of custom riding boots namely Tsoka, made in co-founder, Gladys’ measurements. Two more sets of designs were added namely Bonolo & Nyati to make three sets of pairs. 


The three were well received by our target market. Since then we have worked tirelessly to innovate and bring products to the market that are not only functional but also that are esthetically pleasing - with quality and price perfectly aligned.


To date, our boots are in use by satisfied riders competing in championship classes across many disciplines in SA & abroad.